Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Last Time

Why can't I make time stand still?

The thought and desire manifested as she placed her trembling hand upon his chest. Tear filled eyes looked to the life support machine by her husband's bedside. The mechanical hiss of the pump raised his chest then let it fall with an exaggerated click.

The intrusion of tubes and wires defiled the once strong, handsome man she'd fallen in love with twenty years ago in a life full of heady days exploring everything life had to offer and sharing secrets together.

His hands lay unmoving and limp. A life, a home, a family he had built with these hands. Hands that had tenderly held her through times of great sadness, lifted her when she needed it most, and caressed her when the moon and stars bathed their skin. Now her fingers urged his to respond.

"Are you ready?" the doctor's voice seemed distant and hollow.

Tears rolling, she nodded, clutching her husbands once strong hands.

The doctor flipped a switch and turned off the life support machine.

The nurses disconnected all the tubing and wires in silent reverence and quietly left the room. Only the doctor remained.

She raised her husband's limp hand to her lips and kissed it, then lowered her head onto his chest one last time and hugged him, tears flowing freely, "I'll see you soon, my love."

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Unity Adam Demo

A short video created using the Unity engine (used in the latest computer games) and showcases the engine's amazing capabilities and can be run at 1440p for those with monitors and graphic cards new enough to take advantage of this setting - but 1080p looks equally amazing ;)

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Game Cinematic Gold

I came across this cinematic for a new free-to-play online game, 'Asura Online'. I've looked at the game, and in all honesty, it's not one I'd bother with. But this cinematic is utterly brilliant. So if you enjoy a good bit of high fantasy CGI, sit back and enjoy the next 8 minutes on full HD. enjoy :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Multi-Award Winning Animation

Always one to share my enthusiasm for things newly discovered, today is no exception. Sit back and enjoy this fantastic animation short entitled, "The Looking Planet".

To see more fantastic animation shorts similar in quality and dazzling skill, click on the link HERE where you will be taken to the YouTube page of CGBros, and enjoy.  :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

WoW... Simply Gorgeous!

I saw this on YouTube and was blown away and mesmerized by it. Following on from my previous 'Warcraft' film review I felt this deserved a post all of its own. It is the cinematic trailer for the World of Warcraft's next expansion: Legion. I dare you not to be impressed. Once again, this is how the 'Warcraft' film SHOULD have been made. Enjoy ;)

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Warcraft - A Film Review

I love a good film. I love even more a film in the fantasy genre done with brilliant CGI. Now, combine this with a game franchise that has spanned 12 years, with its release back in November 2004, and you have the potential for a fantastic film and some very orgasmically happy World of Warcraft fans drooling and grinning from ear-to-ear.

Unless of course they screwed it up.

Before I go any further this will not contain any spoilers - so chill. I have been a WoW player on the Darkmoon Faire world server for over several years, but have since ceased playing, but the fond memories are still fresh and the screen shots great keep sakes.
With this in mind I was both reluctant and curious about this film. I wanted to see how one of the most influential grandparents of MMORPGs (the other being that of 'Guild Wars' - the original game released in tandem with WoW and not that pile of garbage, GWs2) has been transferred to the big screen.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Vox the Bag Maker

© copyright 2016 Mark Kelly.
Vox was a highly skilled, yet humble crafter, who believed in the ancient traditions and ways. And it was this that caused many to seek him out and keep his workshop ticking over with producing bespoke pieces of personal attire in the form of belts, containers and bags and satchels, all guaranteed for off-world use.

Then a very rare material arrived at his workshop via his supplier, Gryb. Initially Vox had protested about the high sum of crystal Gryb was demanding, and then he had looked into the box.

His slitted eyes grew wide with wonder. Reaching out gingerly with one of his six appendages, Vox stroked the contents. His gelatinous form visibly rippled with unknown delight. The materials were so soft, warm, and the patterns and colours - such variety!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Music Feature - 65daysofstatic

© copyright 2016 Mark Kelly.

People who know me and know me fairly well are familiar with my love of pc games and eclectic musical tastes. Here I combine both.

First I shall introduce a British band by the name of 65daysofstatic, and by clicking on the name you will be taken to their website.
Formed in Sheffield, UK back in 2001, described as ' heavy, progressive, guitar-driven instrumental post-rock, interspersed with live drums ' - the rest you can read on the wiki entry HERE.

Approached by Hello Games, 65dos were asked if they would like to get involved with the project otherwise known as ' No Man's Sky ', and have produced a procedurally generated soundtrack for the game - which, I believe, could be the first of its kind? Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

The music fits in beautifully with the game visual and adds to the atmosphere wonderfully. I, for one, am looking forward to exploring this vast, procedurally generated universe, whilst listening to the fantastic music along the way. The video below is so clever in using Rutger Hauer for the voice over as an homage to Blade Runner and that classic end-of-film dialogue that begins with, "I've seen things..." Brilliant.

So, will you join me in No Man's Sky?